1. Office Bookcases
  2. WoW UI (Steampunk)
  3. Video Journaling Software (Steampunk)
  4. Bed Laptop Table Thing (Steampunk)
  5. Bed Writing Table Thing (Steampunk)
  6. Wifez Crafting Escape Room
  7. Internet/Media Comp for Living Room Entertainment
  8. Sound System / Amp / Sub for Living Room Entertainment
  9. Re-Purpose Old Rear-Projection TV (Steampunk)
  10. Saltwater Aquarium
  11. Freshwater Plant Tank (Steampunk)
  12. Carpet Out … Something Else In
  13. Pull Door Bell / Fog Horn 🙂 (Steampunk)
  14. New Light Covers (Steampunk)
  15. Bed Reading Lights (Steampunk)
  16. Office Reading Lamps (Steampunk)
  17. Office Closet Door Myst Style (Steampunk)
  18. Office Ceiling Fan / Light (Steampunk)
  19. Office French Doors (Steampunk)
  20. Office Window / Blinds (Steampunk)
  21. Office Desk (Steampunk)
  22. Computer Case Mod (Steampunk)
  23. Steampunk Project Namer Software (text based)
  24. Steampunk Project Namer Software (Java GUI)

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